2017 Maritime Open Chess Championship

October 7-9
Saint John, NB


Venue: Kent Theatre at the Chinese Commerce Centre, 24 Coburg St, Saint John NB 

Registration: On-site Saturday morning  from 10:45pm  11:15am

Schedule:         Sat, Oct 7	11:30am & 5:00pm
                  Sun, Oct 8    10:00am & 5:00pm
                  Mon, Oct 9     9:00am & 2:30pm

Pairings Note: Accelerated Pairings (Rounds 1 & 2) if more than 50 players

Time Control: 40 moves in 2 hours followed by sudden death in 1 hour

Entry Fee: $50 for adults and $40 for juniors (U20) and seniors (65+). 
Registration before Mon, Oct 2 saves $10 

Prize Fund: Depends on entries (Registration Fees - Expenses) 
Tentative (B/30):	1st $250, 2nd $120, 3rd $80 
           		U1900 $60, U1600 $40, U1300 $40 
           		U18 $60, U14 $40
Requested Byes (1/2 point) are available for rounds 1-5

Membership: Membership in Canadian Federation of Chess is required. Membership entitles
you to play in rated tournaments and access to the CFC Monthly Newsletter. This may be purchased on site at time of registration.  
- Regular annual membership (NB Players) costs $46, Junior membership $30 
  Check CFC site for rates for other provinces
- Single tournament membership (NB Players) costs $20, Juniors $10.  

Organizer:		Sam Song

			Richard Bowes


Confirmed - as of March 13 (3):
NM Sam Song
Richard Bowes
Fred McKim (PEI)

Jason Manley
Neil Davis
Jonathan MacDonald
Bill Bogle
John Torrie
Larry Fyffe
Alex Mawhinney

NM Elias Oussedik
NM Adam Dorrance (NS)
FM Robert Hamilton
FM Joe Horton
Robert Didiodato
Andrew Sullivan
Peter Turner
Phil Cliche
Rod Hebert
Jordan Stackhouse
Mike Doherty
Ken Cashin (NS)
Derek Vihvelin
Blair Taylor
Conrad MacNeil (NS)
Brian Ossinger
George Hensel
James Kennedy
Trevor Pardy
Jody Smith
Chris Maund
Alexandre LeBlanc
Mark Fowlie
Kiro Veljanovski
Mila Veljanovska
Sean Breitkreuz
J.P. Robichaud
Michel Melanson
Phu Vo (PEI)
An Vo (PEI)
Luc Blanchette
Alain Blanchette
Raymond Pilon
Grace Yu
Joyce Yu
Alle Lin
Tim Qiu
Sun Jian
Jong Su Kim
John Kim
Cici Ling
Yiming Zhang
Alex Booker
Markus Doherty
Michael Zhou
Jeremy Green
Jason Green
Zach LeBlanc


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